RoboCop - Your friendly DevOps Experts

We help companies develop, deploy, maintain and monitor their cloud infrastructure for any cloud provider.

Our Services

Build Infrastructure

We provide consulting around building infrastructure for companies from ground up for any cloud provider - AWS, Azure, OpenStack, GCloud, Cloudstack etc.

Scalable Architecture

Having expertise in building large scale search, analytics and crawling systems, we help clients to build business on scalable architecture from ground up.


Capturing logs and metrics is the first step towards monitoring. We help businesses unlock real value of monitoring by separating signal from noise.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is hard. It is harder to achieve when millions of users are using your product. We help our clients migrate from one service provider to other with minimal downtime.

Cost Analysis

Running infrastructure on cloud is costly. Doing that efficiently and effectively needs expertise and years of operational experience with various cloud vendors. We work with our clients in achieving that.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Moving fast and shipping features to users with quality is a siginificant business advantage today. We add value by helping organizations embrace continuous integration and delivery.


Contact Us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our services, give us suggestions for new services, or to just say hello!